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There are of course many hoaxes, and there are many simple explanations for other sightings and then there are those...

Gordon Cooper discusses his several UFO sightings & the Gov. cover-up.




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Radionics and Radiesthesia, while mocked it remains as one of the most important clues to secrets of the universe.


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"Most of what I hate in humans is simply a homeopathic symptom"

I repeat this like a mantra sometimes when faced with a Judgemental "Arsenicum" type or others from this "Miasmic" soup of symptoms we call humanity.

My poor and beloved Homeopathy is much maligned and vilified and yet it works brilliantly and without harm .

From a simple bumps to stuttering to bedwetting and yet they still call it a placebo.

All this because their testing machines cannot detect anything past the trituration of 12x. According to Avogadros law that which is triturated or diluted this much makes detecting anything with a mass spectrometer impossible to find with the current technology hence it's called a placebo.

Homeopathy is the key to the healing of the nations and a greater understanding of ourselves and how and why we act the way we do.

We need a network of homeopathic clinics across the globe that educate and treat free as student teacher setup. I have been dedicated my life to this goal and if I do not succeed in doing so one of my sons will.