The Message and The Warning, Lost Soldiers of Love in a Time Warp

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Lost Soldiers Of Love In A Time Warp

It is already too late for most of humankind, they will be condemned to live with what they have created.

This page will focus on the information that was given to me during a series of contacts just before my birthday 1995. Contact has continued on and off since that time.

I was told at that time to keep this knowledge hidden, don't write about it or talk about it until the time is right. I may be premature but i feel the time is right.

Most of what they said is not new, in fact it's very, very old, most of which i knew or suspected from my studies of the worlds religions, occult mysteries, remote viewing, theosophical writings, prescient, precognitive and psychic experiences. In fact even the is the form of contact is not entirely uncommon but I suspect the declarations about the Chemical/Industrial Entertainment Complex in their context are.

We know what their servants are capable of. Oppression, murder, torture, greed, hypocritical judgement, mendacity and speciousness are their virtues, while all that is truly good and pure is mocked and made fun of and laughed at.

In the end they are only playing their role,. Without the antagonists there is no balancing of Karma. Remember always "you are give the tests and the wherewithal to conquer the tests".

While I have had precognitive, clairvoyant, intuitive experiences all my life it has not been easy. I only know what happened to me. Not only during this experience but the many that came before and after. I have had, in fact, a lifetime of confirmations, more than enough to strongly suspect it's all true and yet the reasonable sceptic side of me still has reservations.

Over time I have learned when the clairvoyant or precognitive experience is real. There is a certain vibration to it, it is deeper and more connected. I call it being "in" or I go "in". I might add that I have given numerous highly accurate "readings" and "predictions" for family members and friends. I do not make money from it and never would.

When the series of "contacts" occurred it was quite stunning in clarity, it was that deeper "in" vibration. That feeling is very much like deep meditation, it all felt quite natural and in the end much that was given was more confirmation.

These experiences occurred approx 10:00 AM CST for five days. What is written below is a brief recap of what I was told.

This a recap of the most important points.

During this period those that communicated with me said they were here in a huge mother ship hiding near a large planet and that what was coming was a great "teachable moment" that will be recorded in the intergalactic history books.

They belong to a "federation" of planets, these planets are very advanced in consciousness and technology.

Many of us here now answered a call to incarnate on Earth to tip the balance and perform our duties when the time is right.

Many of us who incarnated here have fought and or worked together before some have not.

They said the law of Karma is a universal law and while it is called many things on various planets we know it as the law of Karma.

They said we live many lives on the path to co-creatorship or what some of us here on Earth call Godhood.

They said this was what our true reason and purpose for existence throughout the Universes but learning the humility and compassion necessary to perform tasks at that level required many lifetimes of tests and conquering of those test.

These lives can take place here or on other planets or planes of existence.

There are various planes of existence on all planets, these planes exist in harmony with what we cal the physical world.

There are planets which we view as dead which are teaming with sentient and non sentient life.

Carbon based life forms are not the only life forms in the Universes.

Because of the time space continuum, and the law of Karma and reincarnation many of our relatives, Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, etc are alive on other planets and galaxies.

There is no religious conflict among the federation, There is but one law and one truth, and that truth is there is no work but the work and that work is the evolution of the soul to co-creatorship.

They all know the true nature of the universes. Our ascended ones commune with theirs.

There are many beings, some with no bodies to speak of or at least as we know bodies to be and many very much like us and all points in between.

They said they have a military of sorts but it is for purely organizational and peaceful exploration unless otherwise needed in contrast they said our military was corrupted and could not be trusted to do what is good for humanity in general. They said there were many good men and women in the military who had great honor and believed in what they were doing but they were also aware of the corruption among the leadership and did not know what to do.

They said that one day an alliance of humans and aliens will have to do battle with the servants of the Chemical, Military Industrial complex.

They said that the oligarchs have tried to carve out a world within a world and have refused to allow humanity to flourish at every step.

There have been innumerable chances lost where a critical individual was killed or a movement destroyed by agents of these oligarchs. (oligarchs is my usage)

There will be no where to hide when the day of judgement comes. Though they have built fortresses and stocked them well and have paid armies, guards and assassins to guard them they will be forced to suffer the law of cumulative Karma like we all do.

This will be much more serious balancing of Karma than most of them expect as if to set an example for all to see for generations.

We will see ships above our cities as large a cities and even larger. Most of humanity will be terrified. You should not be.

Many of us prior to this will be called to do what we must. Many of our friends and family will not understand and many will. I cannot tell you more since that is all I know. They did say that there were ships already built for some of us that have fought together before.

If you have not already been contacted or been moved to action, it is at this time that you should go to these ships for an evacuation. There we will be given weapons that do not harm, they will turn negative energies against those who project them, in effect a karma-less weapon. Some weapons will simply immobilize targets so no one is injured, the target or the marker.This is the same for your nuclear war heads. We cannot allow you to blow yourselves up and in fact that is exactly what you would do. This must not happen!

We are not here to hurt. We are here to heal and to support the planet we have come to know and love. We want peace at all costs and I can tell you it has cost much so far and will cost more as we go forward.

Some of us may die in this conflict but we will not incur Karma.

It's very important to them that all aspect of the human family are saved, Every culture and ethnicity will be saved. The food, books, poets, writers, music, the things that matter most of these cultures must and will be saved.