The Dream

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As they had warned me during my "Alien telepathic contact" experiences I had a vivid dream the night of my birthday that seemed quite real.

I need to mention that during this concentrated contact there were beings that were not the physical alien beings communicating telepathically there were also spirits beings for lack of a better term that were here but not in the corporeal world. These beings I call the "old ones", serious stern folk they were and at times i felt as though i was being scolded, there seemed to be a lot of impatience, like it was getting a little to late to get things done yet they wanted me to wait, to do what I still have no idea.

To this day I don't know if it was a dream or reality I only know that there have been many confirmatory experiences since then.

During the last exchange they said I may be taken on or near my birthday for a brief while and to not be afraid during this experience.

Use of the word taken is my own as the telepathic impression of the information was one of going somewhere

Honestly this did create a fair amount of fear in me so much so that I told my girlfriend at that time and 2 of my Spiritual/Metaphysical mentors at that time.

Each of course had their own take on what might happen I never told them about the information or daily experiences that preceded that as even I thought it mad yet quite real and as the "Aliens" indicated I was to tell no one.

I even left a lengthy note describing what had transpired in the week previous in one of my favorite cassette tapes (yes it was that long ago) that i hoped my girlfriend at the time would find if I disappeared.

The dream if that's what it was begins like this,

I am taken from my room and I'm encased in a clear gel like substance (or so it seems) and begin to fly up through the atmosphere and I quickly i begin to feel a deep fear which is soon overtaken by a deep peace.

I hate to say it but the closest thing to what I experienced and felt during this part was in the movie Galaxy Quest (comedy with Tim Allen) when they travel from Earth to their ship, yeah I know it sounds corny but it's what I felt and saw.

I am taken to view 7 planets. At each planet I am shown the planet in a darkened form like there was no sun just many points of light moving and dancing and going on and off.

I was made to understand that I was seeing numerous souls that were evolving, growing, dying, reincarnating again, evolving, eventually transitioning out of the lower Karmic cycle of life, death and reincarnation.

I saw them as tiny lights that flicker and glow brighter until they evolved, some left to go elsewhere and some stayed there until ascension or transmutation. It was like a million little stars on a planet all lighting and going off in a multitude of patterns until the planet and it's people in toto evolved to a higher state of consciousness. they said once this happens we are more or less allowed to join the federation of planets. They intimate we have been under the seven planets guidance each in it's own time in a sequence of sorts and we are now under the guidance of the seventh planet. There were and are of course competing interests from elsewhere but we in the end would win.

They indicated this happened with all planets under thier care. This was meant to keep most of the nastiness out of the universes.

This same experience repeated itself at each planet and then after the seventh planet I felt and saw what appeared to be like a lighted scroll of data that was in characters not Arabic lettering flowing into my head. To this day I have no idea what it was only that they said I would need it later.

Then I found myself gently alighting onto a mound from which a beautiful spring ran forth and flowed down a gently sloping hill. I was greeted there by one or two ephemeral looking guides.

I noticed i was floating gently off the ground a few feet as was everyone else that I could see near me and further away from me.

Many people appeared to be slowly arriving and all were making their way down to what appeared to be a beautiful white Earth type church/temple building.

I felt it was a temple or church right away and to be clear I am not found of Earths religions it's habit of building petty and hypocritical little churches everywhere but honestly this is what it looked like.

I made my way down to the "Temple" and soon found myself inside standing/floating next to another being who for some reason i remember fondly and who appeared to me to look a lot like a snufalufagus from Sesame Street he seemed kind and I felt he was my friend even though i was slightly weirded out.

It was then that I realized there were many beings there from many races all around me in rows like pews in a church but there were no chairs or benches we were just there floating in orderly rows and as I turned me eyes to the podium i looked up and saw a being of light in a white cloak of some sort.

This beings head (for lack of a better term) was radiating light. A pulsating gently moving egg of pearlescent white light.

This light being at the podium turned to me and i felt and saw a flash of light which translated to a barrage of images, impressions and emotions and then i simply woke up in a sweat.