The One Great Truth The One Great Sin

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Alex Grey Chakra Man
The one great sin in the universes is impeding the development of the soul.

Once you achieve an understanding of that all things other than that have no meaning.

This is what I call "the great work" in truth "there is no work but the work".

We live many lifetimes here and on other planets learning lessons and balancing Karma until a transition from the physical wheel of lives and Karma ends and we shed the shells (i say this because we limit ourselves to thinking all sentient races must have bodies as we perceive them) and even then there is work and advancement in the seeding and caring of the universes that must be done.

Everything that happens to us are lessons and tests and balancing past and present Karma.

You are given the test and the wherewithal to conquer the test.

It is our duty to advance all souls consciousness where, when and if we can.

This includes caring for their needs and the needs of the planets upon which we dwell, not hindering the advancement of technologies that are useful or healing modalities that are pure or waging war or dissension because of profit or dualities of consciousness or self limiting dualistic precepts and concepts of the God/Goddess constructs.

These are truly crimes most terrible and bear significant Karma.

It is true that many on Earth and some beyond are barely able to expand their self confining and self limiting precepts and concepts of the Universes, the Source and their consciousness yet we must continue to share the Universal truth. Nonetheless we struggle on. There is no work but the work.