Pine Creek - once a spiritual commune - once a communal paradise

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San Mescalito mountain In Pine Creek Canyon west of Las Vegas - overcast summer day
One day while still encamped at Oak Creek two men from the Pine Creek spiritual commune came over and invited me to stay with them. they had heard about my situation and what i was like and felt I would fit in to their rather loose knit and unique spiritual commune.

I wholeheartedly agreed and proceeded to take down my tent and camp returning all as it was more or less.

Pine Creak was a beautiful place, just a flat ridge over from Oak Creek, while Oak Creek was magnificent Pine Creek was amazing. The commune was made of of various types of spiritual seekers from various disciplines. I felt at home and at peace and while innocent yet turbulent times swirled around us we felt these were very good times.

This beautiful space was situated below the base of San Mescalito at the bottom of which were held coming of age ceremonies by the Paiutes near what are called mescalito pits.

This mountain formed a sentinal seperating 2 canton, the one on the right had 2 type of ferns related to the carrot family that were not found anywhere in a 500 miles
Same spot in scene from The Stalking Moon - sunny early spring day

The canyon on the right was a beautiful mini paradise with it's own compact ecosystem where even in the dead of summer it seemed cool and comfortable. I spent many days there swimming in the steep creek, resting under waterfalls in the spring and fall and pools in the summer.

When it stormed or if rained clouds might gather some would pour over the mesas above and into each canyon surrounding San Mescalito making her look as if she was robed in white. We would hike up into the right canyon and sit among the clouds reveling in it's stillness and moisture. It felt clean and purifying and beautiful.

Where we stayed we had several cabins and a wonderful garden. This was at one time a movie set from "the Staking Moon" so many poles, structures and doors were left over some of which we used to build a wood fired sauna right by the creek. We had often built wikiups for sweat lodges but the Sauna we built was a an rugged and beautiful addition to our commune as in the winter it could get very cold.

Whereas just a few miles away and just a few years before Charlie Manson was dropping acid and twisting his tale of woe we had a more serious yet joyful and beautiful place from which our souls could grow. Yes we tripped on acid and ran naked through the desert and canyons basking in the beauty that is our Earth but we were transformed and opened to the beauty of the universe and that which lies within and without. There were many times i felt the great connection that we should all long for, the finite moment of understanding and connectedness that can only come from the mind opening qualities of good LSD or years of deliberate meditation and transmutation. Did I take a short cut to Samadhi, probably so but at that time we needed it and I think we all need it now more than ever.

I have no fear in saying that and only those with eyes to see and ears to hear can understand.

For this I am eternally thankfully, how i wish the same for everyone.