We Move to Las Vegas

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Moving to Las Vegas was a shock. We moved from the cool temperatures of San Fransisco and it's beautiful Stanyon street and the near transcendent Japanese gardens and lush parklands of Golden Gate Park to the harsh and hot desert of Las Vegas, Nevada.

When we moved there In 1958 Las Vegas was a small town with many remnants of the Bugsy Siegel, Meyer Lansky, Lucky Luciano glory days and very little to outwardly predict it's future expansion.

The Flamingo was a shell of it's former self, Bugsy, of course would have been ashamed. Where once, the moats had water with floating little boats, with clean white sails, anchored to their respective little areas there was now just dry desert, tumble weeds and sad little baots all laying on their sides with their sails yellowed, torn, tattered or gone. I used to think to myself as we drove by the moats which were visible from The Strip, "why doesn't someone go down there and pick them up and clean out those giant masses of tumble weeds".

Tumble weeds, did i say tumbleweeds, well let me elucidate further about those evil bastards cousins of any normal living green bush.

These pricks of a plant are made up of segment thorns forming branches which curve in to make lovely round balls which roll and spread it's demon seed just about anywhere humans scar the desert.

For the most part the desert rejects these little pieces of hell and rightfully so.

Their seeds (thorns) by the way, just don't take root anywhere, if fact it seems, anywhere humans scrape the desert away, thorns and stickers move in.

The desert is funny that way, it's a tight and complex eco-system that is very fragile and it doesn't take kindly to having it's skin scraped away and exposed and it rewards you with every thorned plant known to it's immediate environs but enough of that let's move on.

The new job my Godfather gave John was head meat purchusre at the Tropicana which was a good cushy union job and should have provided us with a decent living however something John did got him fired and nothing my godfather could do could get Honny a job on the strip, as i vaugely recall those were hard times.

He became a TV repair man and did odd jobs but what really helpped out was John and Maggie joining the Mormon church. It seems like and good club Mormons help other Mormonms and Johhny got a nice little government job working for EG&G (Edgerton )a little know defense contractors working at area 12 in what once was run by the A.E.C. (Atomic Enery Commision)