i am

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To my sons, I know this will all sound quite mad but it is what it is. This is a record of what happened to me.

The truth it seems is as incredible as any of the more complex constructs of our better science fiction authors.

Why you've chosen to incarnate here with us now i cannot know but I hail your courage and determination for indeed these will be trying times.

To each of you I offer my soul and with that a conscious understanding that death as humans know it is not the end and that the universe and it mysteries are all here before us.

I was born (name hidden) and little did I know at the time that I was not who i seemed to be in more ways than one.

As a child there were two things that seemed ever present in my mind and consciousness. One was a recurring dream and the other an innate knowledge of my human ancestry that seemingly belied what i was told or what my birth certificate stated.

I was born In Nogent-Sur-Marne, France. My mother was from the town of Voiron in the French Alps and my father as stated on the birth certificate was from Noissy-le-Grande born in France but of Italian parents. We moved from France to San Fransisco, USA when I was 18 months old and to Las Vegas, Nevada when i was about 5. These facts seemed all true.

Notwithstanding that, as a child, I knew or I believed i was Corsican . Nothing could shake that from my mind, nothing. Regardless of my seemingly exotic background (to Americans I'm sure) I still I believed I was Corsican.

It would not be until 40 years later that I would find out that I was in fact a Corsican only after my Mother finally told me who my biological father was.

The man who raised me was not my father and all I can say is that it pleases me greatly. I never got along with him or felt any real love or connection to him.

I can tell you my children that you would not want to know this man, a nasty peice of supreme hypocrisy but such is the world.

As a child I often wondered if he was my father at all. When my little brother (now half brother) was younger and John (his name) would do something really stupid I would ask him if he thought he was our real father, for that matter I used to wonder if either of them were my "real" parents.

So you can imagine my joy and happiness to discover that at least John was not my Bio-Dad. This knowledge and it's implication would turn out to be stranger still and lead us all to an adventure that has yet to come to it's final conclusion.

The recurring dream I had was always the same. In this dream I am an agent from another planet stranded on this planet, hunted by some of my kind and some not of my kind that were dedicated to stopping us as much as we were dedicated to succeed. In this recurring dream I always had a brief case and in it was all I needed, infinite resource as it were. There were no weapons to speak of that could kill they did however neutralize. Some objects were for communication, etc.

The mission or it's purpose seemed like it was lost in a fog, almost there and sometimes i swear I could taste the other side, that forbidden knowledge.

I could feel what it was that they were hiding, it was right there on the edge of my thought energy and then a moment later it was lost.

There were times when i remembered it all and knew we had succeeded and peace and harmony reigned supreme. I felt such peace and relief during those moments, only to awaken and find myself here, lost once again.

I now know what this was and what it means and as surely as I was proven right in my "knowing" of my ancestry I will be proven right in the later and certainly more unbelievable tale.

The time is not far off when those of us who answered the call will be awakened and we will be tested.

We must remain steadfast in the golden rule "we are to assist in the evolution of the soul"

We will achieve the victory we were sent here to win with peace and truth and weapons of love and knowledge.